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My News Years resolution - Faded, Jaded Mandarin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Faded, Jaded Mandarin

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My News Years resolution [Jan. 6th, 2008|01:09 pm]
Faded, Jaded Mandarin
-The Great Depression-

Woodrow Willson's aide de camp
said with a wry grin
maybe it ain't all that bad,
this freefall that we're in
Maybe we shouldn't work so hard in our administration
cause when we're dead and gone-
the future will carry on-
about the Greatest Generation

It's true that people will starve
but in our idle lives we've begun to spoil
Food will be short and work will dry up
but it's the needle that lances the boil
and in 50 years they'll look back on us with fervent veneration
at the the children that died-
and the hungry babies that cried-
but made it out of the Greatest Generation

Our legacy will be seen over time
after the initial shock of derision
As a beacon to a more focused and pious life
filled with heartbreaking decisions
No one will escape untouched except the heads of our Corporations
and it's hard to ignore-
We'll need another world war-
to forge our Greatest Generation

we are polished smooth by the world
like a rock at the rivers ledge
made sharp like a knife
the world's stone will hone the edge
hardship will make big the smaller man and all our grief will lessen
The remedy of our situation-
to heal the wound of our nation-
we need another shot at the great depression