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Faded, Jaded Mandarin

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Talking Twitter Blues [May. 31st, 2009|11:01 pm]
Faded, Jaded Mandarin
Recorded finally:


Probably should have recorded with banjo, or guitar, instead of the tenor. Seems too thin... Oh well, save it for the record!

I was having a beer with a friend one day
when he grabbed his phone, and started typin' away
he pushed them buttons for a while, then turned back
i said "What the heck was that?"
-he said "I had to tweet my peeps"
"Tweet yer Peeps?" i said "man, what nest did you fall out of?"

He said "nah man it ain't no nest
its a website where you type to get stuff off yer chest
it the fresh new thing on the internet to do
and you can follow what people tweet and they follow you."
-i said "Lissen man, lemme ask you a question....with all this following
who the hells doing all the leading?"

but I'd been on the internet, man, since Jurassic times
got my first modem back in 99
it was an external on my 486
and it took me half an hour to download pictures of chicks
-you know that tasteful stuff, nothin' kinky
maybe some ascii art or cindy margolis in a swimsuit

and i knew it was easy to get left behind
and left behind on the net was left out of mankind
so i figured i oughta try this twitter
i said so and my buddy's eyes started to glitter
-See, he had a new piece of bloggable information
so he went for his phone

and i went home and signed right up
took me two hours to find a screen name that didn't suck
then I added it to my facebook to fulfill all my needs
exported to myspace and merged all my feeds
-including my Woody Guthrie Tribute blog
(that's one of my more popular creations)

Now I was all set up and ready to go
I had me a platform to announce things that I know
my hands were poised above the keyboard ready to strike
and tweet my observations about the mysteries of life
-So I started to complain about my roommate
Seriously, the dude does not respect my refrigerator privileges

And I started tweeting as my daily bread
just typed out whatever i had sittin' in my head
and if my mind felt like a blank sheet
Well, I'd just tweet about whatever I'd eat
-Yeah, You could say I was tweetin' harder than a traffic cops whistle
at a busy intersection

I was a food critic, music reviewer and web personale
I'd post opinions on onions and my favorite fowl
let people know when I ran out of TP
i did my best to include the minutiae of me.
-important stuff yaknow, like my favorite lines from the Big Lebowski
or I'd take a righteous cell phone pic of someone who parked wrong

And people were following and linking my site
and i followed them to, just to be polite
I was full of myself with my new found attention
I could crash websites with an off-handed mention
-I tell ya I was tweeting harder than a speed freak
with a speech impediment

I was singlehandedly responsible for bringing back plaid
id walk around all day with my phone in my hand
and post all the jewels that came to my mind
i was the most popular philosopher of contemporary mankind
-Demi and Ashton invited me to lunch
And oh boy, did that make John Mayer jealous

I was riding high and enjoying it all
but as you know the higher you get the harder you fall
it all came to and that was difficult to foresee,
someone ended more popular than me
-and to do that you had to be pretty gutsy
140 characters worth of gutsy

he wasn't no politician star or hot chick
the guy had got himself one hell of a gimmmick
he'd sit outside my house all hid
and tweet about every little thing that I did
-He was the worlds first "tweetweratzi"
some people would call that "Meta"


[User Picture]From: nvonflue
2009-06-01 02:57 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
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